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If your home or business premises is in need of the finest pest control in Kent, all you need is a quick call to our specialists. Whether you’re experiencing problems with rodents, insects, birds or any other pests, we are here to help. We have the know-how, the experience, the equipment and the chemicals to make your problem an ex-problem in no time.

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Rats, mice & squirrels create a number of issues for home and business owners, and of course they bring serious hygiene dangers. They breed quickly, and for the well-meaning amateur they can be exceptionally difficult to locate. It’s important to remember, however, that the very best Kent pest control can help.

If you have noticed droppings in various parts of the property in recent days, and perhaps evidence of gnawing on skirting boards, you may have a nest in the vicinity. We use strong poisons and a number of other techniques to eradicate rodents in a timely and effective manner.


removal of wasps nest

Wasps can be a major nuisance in the summer, and of course if they feel under threat they can also be extremely dangerous. Like all pest control experts, we advise the general public to leave nests well alone, and to call in the professionals at the earliest possible opportunity.

Using specialist long-reach equipment and strong insecticides which are not available outside of the trade, we can eradicate wasps and neutralise the nest quickly and efficiently. Within two to three hours, you’re unlikely to notice any more wasp activity in or near the nest.


kent mole catcher

Moles can cause a great deal of havoc if they are not dealt with, so the best option is to call us here at pest control Kent at the earliest opportunity. Whether you have a mole issue in a garden, a park, a farm or on a golf course or sports pitch, one call to our experienced professionals is all it takes.

Moles are voracious diggers, and if they are left to their own devices they will continue to ruin the local environment. Thanks to our knowledge of their habits and activities, we will know where to find them and how best to flush them out. Peace of mind has surely never been so easy to find.

Bed Bugs

bed bugs in house

While bed bugs are not usually harmful to humans, they are unsightly and they can leave red marks on the skin of people while they are asleep. They stay well-hidden during the daytime, so it’s not always easy for home and business owners to find their hiding places.

Our experts will know where to find them and how best to deal with their presence. Needless to say, if bed bugs are discovered in a hotel or guesthouse there could be serious ramifications. Thankfully, our Kent pest control experts will be able to handle the situation with sensitivity and thoroughness.

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We know it’s not always easy to know what to do when you realise you have a problem with pests, and that’s why we offer a speedy response and a 24/7 availability. Just call our pest control Kent team today.


pigeon and gull control

Birds can bring a great many problems to both domestic and commercial locations. Their droppings can be unsightly, of course, but they can also be harmful to health. Birds such as pigeons and seagulls can also create a great deal of noise to home and business owners, so fast action is required from the start.

As well as dealing with the birds in the immediate vicinity, we can also provide robust proofing to ensure birds don’t return again in the future. Our Kent pest control specialists have been helping our customers in their hour of need for many years now, and we continue to set the highest standards.


pest removal team

While flies are often a mild nuisance when they appear in the home on their own, they can gather in great numbers towards the end of the summer. Cluster flies move inside properties when the autumn starts, and they will often look to find sanctuary in loft spaces and outhouses.

For many people, the first indicator of cluster flies is a noisy buzzing sound. The first sight of so many insects in one place can often induce a little panic, but all you need to do is to contact our team for a quick and effective resolution.


get rid of rodents

Fleas can be difficult to detect at first, in part because they are rather difficult to see. They can jump from host to host, and they are likely to be found in furniture, on clothing and on the skin of pets. Flea powder may work on cats and dogs, but it’s less effective inside the home.

The best option for home and business owners who have a flea problem is to call in the experts as soon as possible. Fleas are notoriously fast breeders – females can produce hundreds of young every month – so the cycle needs to be broken by specialists using the very best chemicals.

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