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Whether you have a home that is being plagued by a single pigeon or a business that’s being held to ransom by a group of seagulls, you need the type of bird control Kent can rely on. We have been dealing with bird problems throughout the county and beyond for many years, and we can help you to become bird-free in no time.

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While most people think of birds as little more than a minor annoyance, if they have settled on or near your property they can become far more than that. They leave inordinate amounts of faeces, and a build-up of guano can lead to serious illnesses, including salmonella and psittacosis. Contaminated bird droppings represent a major health risk, so immediate action is a must.

Needless to say, large gatherings of birds can also create a great deal of noise. Anyone who lives in coastal areas will know all about the early morning din created by seagulls, and how it can have a detrimental effect on sleep patterns. In order to get your life back to normal, you need the finest bird control in Kent.

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We Provide Guano Cleaning

Pigeons will often leave buildings in need of a deep clean due to their fouling. We provide a Guano cleaning service that will remove all evidence of a bird infestation.

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Bird Proofing Soloutions

We have a specialist bird control team who are dedicate to resolving any unwanted bird related issues from domestic and commercial properties throughout Kent. Our bird pest control is tailored to suit your needs and varies from Spikes, Bird netting and electrical deterrents.

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We offer a fast response and a decisive, efficient service for homes and businesses throughout the region. One call to our specialists is all you need to start the ball rolling, so be sure to get in touch today. It’s vital that the problem is dealt with, because gulls will often return to the same areas year after year if they’re left untreated.

As with all pests, they will stay where they are if they are safe and can have access to a food source. While birds would prefer a diet of grain, in urban locations they have adapted their diet to include scavenged food. Because of this, they will often be reluctant to move on to other sites.

Thanks to our Kent bird control experts, we can make your property bird-free in no time and, crucially, we can take steps to ensure they never return again in the future. Proofing against birds is just as important as getting rid of them, and because of this we offer a range of options to both domestic and commercial customers.