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The first sight of a large group of cluster flies in your property can be a little scary, especially if you haven’t had this situation in previous years, but it’s reassuring to know the best cluster fly control in Kent is just a phone call away. We have been dealing with these annoying pests for many years, and we can remove your problem in a matter of hours.

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In the majority of cases, cluster flies remain outside throughout the spring and early summer months, but as we start to approach autumn they head off in search of a safe haven. And most of the time that means a loft space or outhouse that offers warmth, security and safety from all potential predators. And as the name suggests, they cluster together in large groups.

If you don’t visit your loft on a regular basis, you may not even be aware of their presence, but if you start to hear loud buzzing noises during the day or at night you may have a sizable infestation. You should seek out the type of cluster fly control Kent can rely on at the earliest opportunity, because these insects are capable of passing on a number of infectious diseases to humans.

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Commercially available cans of fly killer spray can be highly effective when you’re dealing with the occasional insect, of course, but when you have a large infestation of cluster flies to deal with you need expert help. Our qualified, accredited professionals will know where to locate your pests and how best to deal with them, using a combination of high-tech equipment and ultra-strong insecticides.

The problem for many home owners is that flies only need a small aperture in order to gain access into the property, so proofing against them is almost impossible. Of course, the best cluster fly control in Kent is also a must for the business community. In many organisations, the presence of large groups of flies can be economically damaging.

Our specialists are friendly, informative and exceptionally efficient. They will identify the problem and deal with it immediately, bringing you the speedy results that you need for total peace of mind. We’re available on a 24/7 basis and our prices are pleasingly low.