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If you have seen or heard mice in your home or commercial property, you can be forgiven for going into panic mode at first, but it’s important to remember that a solution is never too far away. When you need decisive action, Mice Control Kent will be there for you.

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For many people, the first indicator of a mouse presence is a proliferation of droppings in certain locations around the property. Mice need only a tiny hole or gap in the brickwork or skirting boards to gain access, and once they have found a safe haven that’s warm and dry they will then start to create a home.

It’s not easy for home or business owners to deal with the problem themselves, partly because they simply don’t have an adequate understanding of the habits and behaviour patterns of rodents. The best strategy, as always, is to contact the specialists, and that means placing a call to the friendly, helpful professionals at Mice Control Kent.

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Mice will breed rapidly if the conditions are right. Let us quickly and safely removal your mice!

Noises In The Loft At Night?

During colder spells mice will often set up home in the loft. If you can hear movement at night then it’s highly likely it’s a rodent!

Kent Mice Control & Treatments

It isn’t always easy to know what to do when you first see mice, but the good news is that we do. We have been providing effective rodent control throughout the region for many years, and we continue to set the highest possible standards. Thanks to our expertise, our many years of experience and our insistence on using the best materials, we can make your mouse problem disappear in no time.

We use ultra-strong poisons which are not available to the general public, so you can find the peace of mind you need with just one call to us. We believe in offering a world-class service for a fair price, and we are proud to provide effective mice control in Kent for just £180, a low cost that includes up to four visits from our accredited, licenced experts.

Where appropriate, we will also deploy state of the art traps to catch the rodents, and we will arrange follow-up visits to check on progress. Whether you have been suffering from an infestation for several weeks or months, or perhaps you have only recently become aware of a mouse presence, you need the expert help of Mice Control Kent.

Get in touch today on 01233 884303, and let’s get your home or business location rodent-free in the speediest possible way.