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When home owners and business managers first realise they have a pest problem, they can perhaps be forgiven for going into panic mode. Nobody likes having unwanted visitors on the premises, so the safest and speediest option is to call our Canterbury pest control experts right away. We have the knowledge, the experience and the equipment to deal with a diverse range of pests, so give us a call today.

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removal of wasps nest

Wasps can become extremely aggressive, especially if they feel their nest is under threat. In the summer months, they will build nests in any location where they feel safe, including in lofts, garages, outhouses, sheds and bushes. Many nests are in locations which are difficult to access, but our long-reach equipment will always enable us to get to them.

We administer strong insecticide to the access point, and this is then transferred into the nest by the wasps themselves. This highly effective method means the wasp activity will reduce to almost nothing within a couple of hours. Our 24/7 availability and our fixed cost of £45 for wasp nest treatment enable us to offer an unrivalled Canterbury wasp control service.



The first tell-tale sign of a rodent infestation is likely to be significant numbers of small droppings on floors and even in cupboards, sometimes accompanied by evidence of gnawing on woodwork. Rats, mice and squirrels can cause a great deal of damage, and of course they will also represent a health risk to humans.

Rats and mice in particular reproduce at alarming rates, so if you only have a couple of them to deal with you may soon have many more. If rodents feel safe and secure, they are likely to remain for a long time, so rapid, decisive action is a must. The best rodent control in Canterbury is only ever a phone call away, so you can regain your peace of mind in no time.

Bed Bugs

bed bugs in house

As their name suggests, bed bugs make their homes in bedrooms, and they come out only at night to feed on the blood of sleeping humans. Their bites leave unsightly marks, but it’s worth remembering that these bites aren’t particularly harmful to us. Finding these small insects, and treating them afterwards, is best left to the experts.

During the day, bed bugs hide in small crevices in skirting boards and bed frames, and sometimes behind loose wallpaper flaps. Our Canterbury pest control experts will know how best to deal with them quickly and decisively. While bed bugs are unpleasant for home owners, they can cause major economic issues for hotel and guesthouse managers.


kent mole catcher

We offer the type of pest control Canterbury can trust, and that includes dealing with mole problems in a timely, humane manner. If they are left to their own devices, moles can cause utter devastation in a short space of time. Their digging can ruin gardens, flower beds, fields, meadows, paddocks and even golf courses.

Rapid action is a must, whether you are a home or business owner, and that’s where we come in. It’s worth noting that moles can even cause problems which are invisible to the eye; they can dig just below the surface and make the ground highly unstable for people, livestock and vehicles. Give us a call today for invaluable advice.

We know it’s not always easy to know what to do when you realise you have a problem with pests, and that’s why we offer a speedy response and a 24/7 availability. Just call our Canterbury pest & vermin control team today.

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get rid of rodents

If you have ever had fleas in the home before, you’ll know how unpleasant an experience it can be. Fleas will often come into the home via pets, but they can also transport themselves on clothing, furniture, floor coverings and even in luggage. Thankfully, getting rid of them is easy when you call the best pest control in Canterbury.

Although fleas are unable to fly, their strength in jumping means they have no problem getting from A to B. A home infestation can therefore become a major problem if it isn’t dealt with quickly. The good news is you only have to make one call.


pigeon and gull control

It’s not always easy to know what to do when you face problems with birds, but the pest control Canterbury needs is always available to help. Birds such as seagulls and pigeons can produce a large quantity of droppings over a period of time, and the resulting guano can be a breeding ground for diseases which are harmful to humans.

We’ve been helping our local customers to become bird-free for a number of years now, and we continue to set the standards that other pest controllers have to aspire to. As well as removing birds from the immediate area, we also offer invaluable guidance on proofing the vicinity to make sure the birds don’t return again in the future.


pest removal team

Flies remain outside for much of the spring and summer, but as autumn approaches they tend to look for a safe haven indoors. Amid the warmth and security of a loft space or basement, they will gather together in large numbers. They aren’t usually harmful to us directly, but of course they can pass on some extremely unpleasant diseases.

Your Canterbury pest control specialists will know how best to deal with their presence, usually via a fumigation or fogging process. It’s virtually impossible to stop them entering the homes, especially older properties, because they only need a tiny gap in order to get inside. Direct, rapid action is an absolute must.

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With a population of more than 40,000 and a diverse range of property types, Canterbury offers a wide selection of pest control issues for our specialists. Rural gardens on the outskirts of the city have often suffered from mole damage, while wasp and cluster fly problems are always a likely scenario in the summer and autumn months.

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