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When it comes to a vital issue like pest control Tonbridge home and business owners know all about the importance of obtaining expert help and guidance. We have been providing our pest & Vermin services in Tonbridge and right across the region for many years, so we should be your first port of call whenever you discover an issue that needs to be dealt with.

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kent mole catcher

If you have ever suffered from the presence of a mole in your garden, or rather directly underneath it, you will know how much damage can be done in a short space of time. It should be noted, too, that this devastation can be multiplied when there are moles on farmland, in parks and on sporting venues. Swift action from accredited experts is an absolute must.

For the peace of mind of domestic and commercial customers, we operate on a no mole, no fee basis. In the unlikely event that we cannot find your mole, you won’t have to pay, it’s as simple as that. Moles are sometimes difficult to track down, but we are known in the industry as genuine experts in finding them and removing them from the property.


removal of wasps nest

Often seen as the scourge of the British summer, wasps are at best annoying and at worst dangerous. They build nests in a wide variety of locations, including lofts, sheds and garages inside the property, and on the outside in trees, bushes and disused rodent burrows. As the summer progresses, these nests can contain many thousands of insects.

Our rapid response and fast, effective treatment can nullify the nest and eradicate the inhabitants in just two or three hours, so you don’t have to suffer any longer from their presence. Please note we always recommend calling in expert help, because trying to deal with a nest on your own can be extremely hazardous. Thankfully, our Tonbridge wasp nest removal team are here to help!



Many people first become aware of a rodent problem when they see small brown droppings around the property, or perhaps evidence of gnawing on woodwork. The important thing at this stage is not to panic, because a fast and effective solution is only ever a phone call away.

We have the experience and know-how to locate the rats, mice or squirrels, and to deal with them accordingly. Rodents are extremely unhygienic, and they breed very quickly, so our rapid response and expert treatments are just what you need at this stage. In no time at all, we can make sure your property is rodent-free, so get in touch as soon as you realise there’s an issue.

Bed Bugs

bed bugs in house

Bed bugs can spell discomfort to home owners, and in the commercial sector they can bring economic disaster to hotels, guest houses and suchlike. Notoriously elusive during daylight hours, bed bugs will come out at night to feed on the blood of sleeping humans. Their bites leave unsightly marks, but generally they are not harmful to us.

To get rid of bed bugs in Tonbridge, we use strong, effective fogging and fumigation techniques which are designed to reach every nook and cranny in the affected room. Within a short space of time, we are confident that you will see no further activity from the insects, and that you can once again enjoy peace of mind.

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We know it’s not always easy to know what to do when you realise you have a problem with pests, and that’s why we offer a speedy response and a 24/7 availability. Just call our Tonbridge pest & vermin control team today.

removing pests in tonbridge


get rid of rodents

Over the years, we have tended to associate the presence of fleas in the home with domestic pets, but in truth they are quite happy to live in properties which don’t have cats, dogs or rabbits. They can be transported inside via clothing, carpeting, furniture and even on luggage, so any home or business can be affected with ease.

Fleas are able to jump extraordinarily high, so they get from A to B with no problem. The best Tonbridge pest control experts know that only strong insecticides will be able to get to the whole local population, and they need to be administered by specialists who know what they’re doing. Shop-bought flea sprays will only work properly if you know where all the fleas are located.


pigeon and gull control

If you have roosting birds on or near your property, you will already know all about the noise nuisance that they create. Seagulls and pigeons in particular are among the worst offenders, but there are others as well. You may not know that if you leave them alone there will soon be a build-up of droppings, known as guano, and this can be exceptionally dangerous to human health.

Dealing with the birds is vital, so call in the Tonbridge pest control specialists as soon as you can. As well as helping you to get rid of the birds, we can also advise on how best to proof your property against future problems.


pest removal team

Because they only need a tiny gap in the eaves or in brickwork to gain access to a property, there is very little you can do about preventing cluster flies from getting inside your home or business premises. Once they are in, however, you only need to call the finest pest control in Tonbridge to eradicate them in no time.

Cluster flies stay outside throughout the early and middle summer months, but once the temperatures start to drop they will seek warmth and shelter inside. In most cases, they will gather together for safety in a loft, and although they aren’t directly dangerous to us they can of course carry a number of infectious diseases.

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We have been providing pest control in Tonbridge for many years, and we have a thorough understanding of the issues our domestic and commercial customers face. The town has a population of around 40,000, and in summer it becomes popular with a wide range of insects, including wasps. In the surrounding farms, moles have caused a number of issues.

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