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It isn’t easy to know what to do when you first discover a squirrel problem in the home, the garden or on a commercial property, but one thing is certain: if you do nothing about it, the situation will only get worse. Squirrels can cause a great deal of devastation, so it’s important to call in the experts from Squirrel Control Kent at the earliest opportunity.

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We have been providing the best squirrel control in Kent for many years, and over that time we have built up a great deal of knowledge about the habits and activities of these sometimes awkward, always difficult creatures. If you have a problem, our experts will know exactly what to do.

It’s often the case that squirrels will create a home in a loft space, where it’s dry and warm and well away from any potential predators. They will look to sharpen and file their teeth on a regular basis, often on wiring or wooden joists, and in no time the damage that has been caused will prove costly to repair.

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Need Help With Squirrel Removal?

Squirrel often cause huge amount of damage to wiring in lofts by knawing.

Noises In The Loft At Night?

During colder spells squirrels will often set up home in the loft. If you can hear movement at night then it’s highly likely it’s a rodent!

Kent Squirrel Control & Removal

For the highly affordable fee of just £180, Squirrel Control Kent will take charge of the situation, and will look to make your property squirrel-free in no time. This cost includes up to three separate visits from us should they be deemed necessary. Now you can have complete peace of mind without having to break the bank.

If left untreated, your resident squirrels can damage wooden beams, break electrical wiring systems, destroy plants, take fruit and bird food from your garden, strip bark from your trees and sometimes even steal wild bird eggs. Fast, effective action is a must at this stage, and that’s when the friendly, knowledgeable experts from Squirrel Control Kent can help.

Grey squirrels are capable of breeding at a rapid rate – usually twice a year with litters of between two and six babies each time – so if you have a pair in your loft they will soon become a large, expanding colony. For this reason, you should be speaking to the specialists from the very start. This is an issue that needs to be nipped in the bud, and Squirrel Control Kent will be able to do just that.