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Wasp nests can contain many thousands of insects, and of course if they feel they are under threat they can attack in large numbers. We strongly recommend using experienced, accredited experts when you have a nest in the vicinity, because the consequences of tackling such a matter yourself can be extremely serious.

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Here at Wasp Nest Removal Kent, we know how best to deal effectively with nests of all sizes in both domestic homes and commercial buildings. One call to our specialists is all you need, and thanks to our rapid response you could find yourself wasp-free in just a few hours. Peace of mind is of paramount importance when your property is home to wasp nests.

We provide the very best Kent wasp nest treatment for the low, low cost of just £59, and we offer a 24/7 service throughout the year. In the early summer months, nests are likely to be on the small side, but if they are allowed to flourish they will grow dramatically in August and September. Early, decisive action is a must, so call Wasp Control Kent at the earliest opportunity.

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Did You Know?

A wasp nest will only be used for one season before being discarded.

Wasp Nest Removal In Kent

Your nearest wasp nest could be in any one of a number of locations, including the loft, a cavity wall, the garden or in an outhouse. You’ll be relieved to know that even nests in the most awkward places can still be treated, thanks to our high-tech, long-reach equipment.

We use a chemical called Ficam D, which is usually pumped into the access point for the wasps, and the insects will then carry the chemical inside. Within a short space of time, wasp activity will start to dissipate before it halts altogether. In the unlikely event that wasps are still using the nest, we will of course pay a return visit for no extra charge at all.

Many home and business owners become aware of increased wasp activity without knowing where the nest might be located. Our specialists will know where to look, and will be able to decide on the best possible course of action. We will also carry out a quick survey of the vicinity to make sure there is only one nest that needs to be dealt with.

We can neutralise your wasp nest in no time at all, so speak to the experts at Wasp Nest Removal Kent today on 01233 884303.